Keeping Fit When You are Short on Time

¬†We all try to stay in shape. There are very few people in the world who purposefully choose to become flabby, out of breath, and overweight. The problem isn’t the desire to stay healthy; the problem is finding the right time and methods to stay fit.

Unless your job is physically demanding, you probably spend the majority of your day sitting down-be that behind a desk or behind a truck. You wake up around 6, dress the kids, walk the dog, dress yourself, commute maybe 30-60 minutes, work four hours, eat lunch, work four more hours, commute again, make dinner, feed yourself, the kids, and the dog, and maybe have an hour or two of paying bills andcleaning the house before falling asleep. And all this assumes you actually do only work 8 hours a day (most of the people I know end up working much more than that). So how can you possibly squeeze in time to stay fit?

Well, since you spend most of your time sitting down, find ways to stay fit behind your desk. Consider replacing your office chair with an exercise ball, which will not only ensure proper posture from you but will also strengthen your core muscles for balance. Find exercises to tone your transverse abdominal muscles while sitting at your desk. These muscles are your deepest abdominal muscles; they hold your organs in place and have a greater impact on the flatness of your stomach than any other abdominal group. Best of all, you don’t need to get on the floor to work them. These muscles are engaged any time you suck in your breath. Try this while sitting at your desk (or truck): push your stomach out, suck it in partway, then pull it in towards your spine and hold a few counts before letting out partway.

Also, you’ll have to make sure you take time to get up and walk around. Instead of heading for the coffeepot in the lounge, take a zippy 10-15 minute power walk around your office building. If you work in a tall building, ride the elevator to the bottom floor and head up the stairs as fast as you can. If you have less time than 10-15 minutes, take just 1 minute and do 60 push-ups. Consider making better use of your lunch break. Not everyone has a full hour they can take, but if you’re one of those lucky few then don’t waste that time sitting down! Find a gym you can go to for 30 minutes or head to a park for laps.

Finally, don’t rely on your car so much. If you live within 10 miles of your workplace, then cycle. If you live within 3 miles of your workplace, walk or jog. If you absolutely must drive, don’t circle the parking lot for the closest spot; park as far away from the entrance as possible. You may not have an hour block of time for the gym, but anyone can make small changes like this and maintain a healthier, fit lifestyle.