Exercise Shoes

¬†We might view them as simply protectors for our feet, but exercise shoes can either make or break an exercise training program. This is because your cross-trainers serve more than just the function of protection for your land-based workouts. They also absorb impact, help you run or walk more smoothly and prevent you from slipping or falling. Without proper shoes, you can’t even begin to do anyaerobic exercise on land, whether it’s high or low-impact. So while choosing shoes that fit whenever you begin anyexercise program is important, you should also pay particular attention to when you need to replace your exercise shoes.Continued use of shoes that are worn-out while engaging in an exercise regimen can lead to all sorts of foot pains, soreness, blisters, knee injuries, ankle sprains and hip injuries.

What are the signs of wear and tear in your shoes so you can replace them accordingly? First of all, consider the level and intensity of your activity. Usually, if you walk or run for an average of three times a week, you can replace your shoes a couple of times a year. More than this average and you’ll probably have to buy new cross-trainers every four months. Those training for long-distance marathons or triathlons will have to change their running shoes every three months. If you know that you step heavily on your shoes, either on the toe or the heel, you can replace them often. If you have forgotten when you last purchased your shoes and have no idea when they’re due for a replacement, check the tread (the part that makes contact with the ground) on your shoes, if it’s worn and thin then it’s time to get a new pair. If you’re currently on a fat loss regimen, you will find that you may need to replace your shoes as you continue to lose weight.

Finally, if you want to engage in a new exercise routine but have been sedentary for a long time, don’t think of getting the old pair you have stored in your closet which have gone unused for a long time. It’s better to buy a new one since old and unused exercise shoes also wear out even when they have not been subjected to any form of workout.

Shoes can be expensive purchases and as such, you should strive to get the most use of them when you can by taking care of them. First, you need to mark the date when you first started wearing your shoes so you know when to replace them. If you can afford it, buy two pairs of shoes that you really like and feel comfortable in and wear them alternately during your workouts. Try to wear your exercise shoes only for exercise so that they don’t wear out easily. Moreover, make your purchase (or at least find the best size and style for you) at an actual sports shoes or running store. This way, you will be able to give yourself a good fit before purchasing the one that’s right for you. You can save a bit of money by purchasing online but make sure you have already tried on the exact size and style before making an online buy. If you feel that buying a new pair is too expensive then think about it this way: The hospital bills would even be more expensive for you if you don’t get a new pair and suffer an injury while you work out using your old pair of cross trainers.