Can Someone Explain What Are Fat Loss Workouts Anyway

The likelihood you have heard about fat loss workouts a minimum of once in your lifetime. But the question is what exactly are fat loss workouts anyway and how do they differ from my workout routine?

In this article I am going to tear apart the anatomy of fat loss workouts in addition to unveiling the many types to leave you with a concrete understanding of this flab melting protocol.

Virtually any exercise assists in fat burning somehow, yet when most health and fitness professionals mention fat loss workouts we mean the type of workout that provides the maximum flab melting results possible in the least period of time. This especially means even hours after the workout iscomplete.

When you complete a lower intensity treadmill or ellipticalcardio workout for 30-45 minutes you’re expending a greater amount of total calories as fat, however you burn fewer calories overall from this type of low intensity workout.

When a high intensity level is performed from fat loss workouts, a greater amount of calories overall is expended and as a result, more fat too. Because low intensity exercise doesn’t place excess stress on your muscles, you don’t burn as many calories during the post-exercise period.

These facts are the foundation of what exactly defines fat loss workouts. Maximizing your flub incinerating efforts in the least amount of time possible. I’m sure this sounds good because really, who has time to spare these days? I sure don’t.

Also if you waste hours in the gym you may be at risk of unwanted hormone release that can actually store fat!

Let’s take a look at the various types of these workouts so you can incorporate them into your program.

Supersets combine two exercises that are done immediately after another with zero rest in between. Non- competing movements are the best for supersetting. Non- competing movements refers to the utilization of both upper and lower body exercises, or pushing and pulling exercises. Superset workouts that use non-competing movements preserve time and amazingly increase your overall fat burning potential to transform your body.

Circuit training workouts include 5-6 exercises that are done without rest until complete.

Circuit training enables you to save time and be rewarded with the highest fat burn results. By over taxing the body, your post-exercise fat burn will be increased dramatically.

Interval training workouts utilize the two energy production systems in the body to ignite fat at high levels.

By manipulating the two energy systems in the body, massive amounts of fat are burned long, long after the workout is over.

An example would be to run as fast as you can for 30 seconds followed by an one minute walk and repeat.

Now that you have a base understanding of how fat loss workouts are done you can unlock your body’s true potential.